Growth Irregularities

Jaw growth may not occur in an ideal way for everyone, and some children may require early orthodontic treatment. Without early treatment by a specialist orthodontist, these growth irregularities could create significant issues. This could include an unbalanced (either excessive or deficient) facial profile or miscorrelation of the upper and lower jaws.

We can often intercept these conditions that arise from abnormal growth of the jaws in children. This treatment can prevent the condition from worsening or correct it entirely. If the patient requires further orthodontic treatment to align teeth in the future, then treatment will often be quicker, easier, and less costly for the patient.


Dentofacial Orthopaedics

Dentofacial Orthopaedics is treatment that involves the guidance of facial growth and development, whereas orthodontics guides teeth movement. It's typically treatment for patients up to 12 years of age that can save a lot of complex issues and costs in the future. At Toowong Orthodontics, we have a particular interest and many years of experience with Dentofacial Orthopaedics. We use powerful removable appliances to correct jaw imbalances of our younger patients who experience jaw growth discrepancies. This treatment will improve the facial profile and chin of patients, and, if needed, jaw width can be orthopedically widened so patients can keep teeth that would otherwise need extracted. We recommend early consultation with a specialist orthodontist as this treatment is only for when the child or teen is growing. Contact us for a consultation to see if this is relevant to your child.

As a specialist orthodontist, we offer personalised orthodontic treatment to make every patient smile out loud.
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Orthodontic Finance Options

At Toowong Orthodontics we believe the perfect smile should be affordable. It is part of our purpose to ensure that all patients who need orthodontic treatment are able to access it.

We understand that financial situations differ from patient to patient and that the cost of treatment can at first seem significant, so we’re committed to working with you to help create customised payment arrangements that are affordable.

At the initial consultation we are able to provide a number of payment options, including weekly, fortnightly and monthly payment options in conjunction with Denticare, a third party payment plan provider who offer interest-free payment plans for patients.*

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