Orthodontist or General Dentist – who should you see?

With many general dentists now offering orthodontic treatment it is understandable that the public feel confused about whether they should see a General Dentist or Specialist Orthodontist for their orthodontic treatment.

General Dentists look after your dental health ensuring that teeth are clean and cavity free, and gums are healthy. When undertaking orthodontic treatment it is always recommended that appointments with a General Dentist be continued at six to twelve months intervals. Your General Dentist is best able to look after your general dental health.

Orthodontics is a speciality in dentistry just like Cardiology is a speciality in medicine.

Every Specialist Orthodontist has graduated and practiced as a general dentist. To be able to practice as a Specialist Orthodontist, a General Dentist must complete a further two to three years (5000 hours) of full time university training.

A Specialist Orthodontist uses the latest evidence based science to accurately diagnose and treat your teeth and jaw alignment problems. A Specialist Orthodontist is best qualified to:
• Correct cosmetic problems and create a more beautiful smile

• Correct bad bites that can damage teeth, gums and jaws

• Correct protruding or misaligned teeth that often chip or break

• Correct speech or chewing difficulties

• Help in the management of sleep breathing disorders such as obstructive sleep apnoea

In terms of treatment cost, it is often assumed that treatment by a Specialist Orthodontist will cost more than treatment by a general dentist. Although the cost of treatment varies from practice to practice whether it be a general dental or specialist practice, Specialist Orthodontists offer affordable treatment that can be paid off over the course of treatment using interest free payment plans.

At Toowong Orthodontics we are able to offer orthodontic treatment for less than $75 a week!

If you would like more information on how to find (or check if you are seeing) a specialist orthodontist please visit or call us on 07 3870 0922 and our team members can answer your questions.