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Why Do I Need X-rays for My Orthodontist Appointment?

At Toowong Orthodontics we want to understand every patient and their needs so we can offer personalised orthodontic care that will make you smile out loud! It is more than just the visible teeth that go into a perfect smile, and we require x-rays to understand the complete state of your teeth, jaw and bone structure, so we can determine an accurate diagnosis.

Without an x-ray some patients may be unaware they have extra teeth sitting up inside the bone (supernumerary), missing teeth (agenesis) or even bone or tooth-root abnormalities. These issues cannot be seen from in the mouth, the only way to accurately assess these issues that occur within the bone is with x-rays.

X-rays, or radiographs, show detail of bone within the body and provide essential information that helps Dr Goodyear determine any problems you may have. Dental x-rays show bone and teeth, giving an understanding of the size, shape and position of tooth roots which cannot be observed any other way.

There are two types of x-rays that we require prior to beginning treatment:

  1. OPG (Orthopantomagram) X-ray

    This single x-ray shows the entire mouth, so we can see whether there are any missing or extra teeth. This x-ray is also best to check for any developing teeth that haven’t come through the gum yet (e.g., wisdom teeth).


  1. Lateral Cephalogram X-ray

    An x-ray of the entire head so that the teeth can be viewed in relation to the jaws, and the upper and lower jaw in relation to each other.

Smile fact: The radiation dose from these x-rays is very low, less than 3 days of natural background radiation in Australia or less than one 7-hour flight.

It’s important to bring these two x-rays to your consultation appointment with us, so we can begin your personalised treatment to empower you to smile with confidence.

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