2021 – Promise to Our Patients

In the spirit of new year’s resolutions and as we prepare to re-open our clinic for the year, we wanted to reconfirm our promise to our patients, and our wider community to continue to give everyone more to smile about in 2021.

Our Promise
We will uphold our standard of expertise and care, striving to make every patient smile out loud. Every member of our team is passionate about making a difference in people’s lives and we promise to always empower smiling confidence and enhance self-esteem and quality of life through everything we do.

We will continue to constantly learn, use the latest specialist technologies and deliver with technical excellence. Our treatments will enhance our patient’s dental alignment and facial profile and transform their quality of life.

We promise to take the time to understand every patient and their individual needs, so they will always feel recognised and empowered. Every patient’s experience and treatment will be tailored to them, from care to smile.

Our 2021 Initiatives
As an active member in our community, we want to give back and make a positive impact. We are promising to partner with B1G1, for every patient we make smile out loud, we support communities in need – matching smile for smile.

We are also committed to offsetting our waste production from the past year and finding effective and appropriate ways to reduce our daily waste production, to ensure we have a positive impact on the environment.

We hope this year is exciting, rewarding and makes you smile,
The Toowong Orthodontics Team